Hey there PokeBeach viewers! I’m again with another report, and this time I’ll be discussing 3 decks I imagine have a ton of potential now that the most recent set, Guardians Growing, has been unveiled. Guardians Growing is a single of the most sport altering sets Pokemon has unveiled in decades the full structure has essentially been re-published. So, with out more ado, let’s consider a appear at the 3 decks I imagine have a strong likelihood of earning a splash in this new meta.


The initial deck I’d like to talk about is Sylveon-GX. As I’m guaranteed quite a few of you by now know, Sylveon has achieved a ton of accomplishment in Japan, earning the card really hyped on release for the rest of the environment. As you can almost certainly explain to (I am producing about it right after all!), I’ve acquired into the hoopla. As someone who has relished playing and groundbreaking Quad Lapras, Sylveon was the initial deck I developed when I saw the complete set of scans for the set. With a beefy 200 HP, an assault that allows you lookup for any 3 playing cards in your deck for a single Electrical power, as nicely as a GX assault that can entirely reset your opponent’s board, Sylveon guarantees to be the new king of disruption. Sorry, Lapras-GX! Let’s now consider a appear at my initial develop with Sylveon.

You should observe that thanks to incredibly very little time concerning the release of the set and this article’s thanks day, I have not been in a position to absolutely examination all of these lists. As a result, I will not be accomplishing a matchup segment for each individual deck, as I really do not want to misinform you all as to a specific deck’s matchups. Use these lists as terrific starting up points, perform with them you, and tweak them how you see in shape!

Let’s go above the card selections here, as even though this deck principle is very similar to Lapras, it is nonetheless an totally new archetype.

Card Explanations

4-4 Sylveon-GX

Even though most lists I’ve seen perform a 4-three Sylveon-GX line, I’ve opted for a complete 4-4 line. This is mostly simply because I do not perform Rescue Stretcher, but also to be certain I can get at minimum two Sylveon powered up for every sport, regardless of my Prize scenario. Sylveon is the star of this deck, so not significantly more about this depend needs to be spelled out.

One Vaporeon

One of the very best things about Sylveon-GX is that it’s an Eeveelution, which enables it to abuse the AOR Eeveelutions that have the Means to give Stage 1s an excess form. Lapras, a incredibly very similar deck, struggled heavily with Volcanion, as Volcanion rapidly overcome it with its velocity. As a result, I’ve picked out to operate a single copy of Vaporeon. This need to allow you to retain up with Volcanion’s aggression, as you are in a position to OHKO every thing in their deck when Vaporeon is in perform.

4 Crew Flare Grunt, 4 N

As I stated in advance of, Sylveon is the new and enhanced Lapras, so it tends to make sense to retain the key Supporter depend the identical from deck to deck. Crew Flare Grunt is your key disruption Supporter, and N is your go-to for disrupting their hand as nicely as your very best attract out while you really do not truly have to have to attract significantly simply because you can literally lookup for what ever 3 playing cards you have to have every single change. Have I outlined I like Sylveon however?

Two Lysandre

This is common in every single deck. I’m  not going to shell out any more time on this segment.

Two Delinquent

One factor you’ll recognize is that I’ve picked out to perform two Delinquent in this record, as opposed to just a single copy in Lapras. This is mostly thanks to the truth that I saw a incredibly well-known Japanese player article his record from a new match, and he played a complete 4 copies of Delinquent. Even though I was not prepared to go that significantly, I did include his strategy into my record by adding a second Delinquent. Japan has been playing with Guardians Growing for a even though by now, so it would behoove me to not consider heed from their lists and include some of their tips into mine.

Delinquent is absolutely extraordinary in Sylveon simply because you can lookup it out at any place in time with your initial assault. Every time you use Magical Ribbon, your opponent is compelled to perform all-around a potential Delinquent the subsequent change, particularly so if there is by now a Stadium in perform. Delinquent in typical got a substantial buff many thanks to Sylveon and Tapu Lele-GX, which both of those allow you to lookup for it as an alternative of needing to attract into it. Count on to see Delinquent in practically every deck now, and get applied to playing all-around it or you will be punished.

One Hex Maniac

Not like Lapras, we really do not perform Wobbuffet, so Hex Maniac goes from a tech to a staple. Even though Sylveon does have its GX assault to reset Decidueye’s board (and need to have a incredibly strong matchup towards it like Lapras), offering you a searchable out to Merchandise-lock is way too good to move up. Hex Maniac also aids out towards explosive decks like M Rayquaza-EX and Volcanion, as you can slow them down enough to make them perform the sport at your speed.

One Crew Skull Grunt

In Lapras, I selected to perform two Crew Skull Grunt just to make guaranteed I drew into it underneath Merchandise-lock towards Decidueye when they applied Hollow Hunt. In Sylveon, you really do not even have to have to depend drawing into it, as you can just lookup for it the change in advance of you have to have to perform it. Do not use this card early towards Decidueye, as if they set up Merchandise-lock in advance of you are in a position to get this card again with VS Seeker, you’ll be compelled to burn up Hex Maniac to retrieve this card, location you a change again on when you can use Skull Grunt towards them.

One Crew Rocket’s Handiwork

This card is so good. Originally, I didn’t have this in my Lapras record for Puerto Rico (simply because I could not locate any on the island), but right after adding it to my record, I realized how ridiculously good this card is in a stall deck. Crew Rocket’s Handiwork works just as nicely in Sylveon-GX, letting you to mill your opponent even though discarding their resources on board. Handiwork is useful at all levels of the sport early sport you can use it and most likely hit some of their essential Pokemon or Merchandise (for illustration, towards Turbo Darkrai at a League Cup, I hit double Heads and discarded 3 of my opponent’s Darkrai-EX and on the subsequent change her Tremendous Rod, instantaneously profitable me the sport), or late sport to deck your opponent out.

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