Are Pokemon GO shadowbans permanent? Niantic responses the frequently asked question from gamers who want to know if Pokemon GO shadowbans, which protect against them from seeing rare Pokemon, may perhaps be rolled again.

On Twitter, Pokemon GO developer Niantic confirms that shadowbans may perhaps only be “temporary.” Gamers who have been to begin with shadowbanned and as a result unable to see rare Pokemon owing to their use of third-party tracking applications and software program, may perhaps be unbanned as lengthy as they comply with the Pokemon GO Terms of Provider & Trainer guidelines. These guidelines prohibit the use of third-party applications and so the moment the player discontinues applying these, they must be great to go.

Unfortunately for Niantic, this news has proved to be fairly divisive. Many Pokemon GO gamers who have been shadowbanned for their use of third-party applications are happy that there is some way again for them. Frustratingly for these gamers, Niantic did not give an specific timeframe for how lengthy the “temporary” ban could past but it’s nonetheless optimistic. It implies that shadowbanned gamers who change their strategies may perhaps have their accounts restored in time for the rumored Pokemon GO legendary event.

But on the other hand, there are plenty of gamers versus Niantic’s temporary restriction affirmation much too. GPS spoofing has been a difficulty with Pokemon GO given that it released past 12 months and yet Niantic has struggled to beat that, with threats of permanent bans and updates to the sport failing to deliver visible benefits. Fans saw the shadowbanning announcement before this 12 months as an illustration of the developer ‘getting it right’ and praised Niantic for it.

While some developers of third-party applications (which use Pokemon GO accounts to accumulate their knowledge) did just remake their accounts, for gamers applying people applications for misdeeds, it was seen as a intense punishment and a valuable deterrent for people who experienced considered applying third-party applications much too. The reveal that the bans may perhaps just be temporary for people who clean up up their act is currently being observed as the developer likely delicate on people who understood they have been doing incorrect in the 1st position.

On top of that, the announcement is no assist to people who come to feel that they’ve been shadowbanned for no cause. How can a wrongfully banned player stop applying third-party applications if they have been under no circumstances applying them in the 1st position? Niantic will likely keep on to roll out modifications to bans (as perfectly as repealing bans for players who have reformed) alongside Pokemon GO functions and new characteristics for the sport, so people upset about their bans should remain hopeful.

Pokemon GO is available for iOS and Android.

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