Now at the E3 gaming trade clearly show, Pokemon Enterprise president Tsunekazu Ishihara announced that Gamefreak has began creating a Pokemon main title completely for the Nintendo Swap. However, he mentioned the game might not be completely ready for in excess of a 12 months.

It looks like Gamefreak will maintain us occupied with Ultra Sunshine and Ultra Moon in the meantime. If they need to have more time to acquire this impending Swap game or want to wait until the Swap saturates the market place, it’s possible they’ll also keep us in excess of with Diamond & Pearl remakes for the 3DS? Even though if this Swap title arrives out future 12 months, that leaves minor room for a different game in-in between, so we may possibly have to wait until Gen 8 to get a D/P remake (if Gamefreak even decides to keep on remakes now that they’re re-releasing outdated Pokemon video games on the digital console).

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