A new “Alolan Raichu Figure Collection” will be introduced in The united states on June 16th! It’ll come with a brand new foil promo of Alolan Raichu, an Alolan Raichu figurine, 4 booster packs, and a PTCGO code card.

In Europe, the assortment will be introduced as an “Alolan Raichu Box.” Alternatively of a figurine, the box will come with Alolan Raichu as a jumbo card as I’ve theorized right before, I imagine this is for the reason that of European plastic guidelines. It’ll also come with a standard-sized promo, 3 booster packs, and a PTCGO code card.

The only Alolan Raichu in the TCG was introduced in a beginner’s Coach Kit, and that card hasn’t even been introduced in Japan but. Alolan Marowak and Alolan Exeggutor have but to be introduced in the TCG.

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