Niantic has announced that it is organizing to rework Pokemon GO Gyms, which indicates the game’s Gyms will be closing shortly. As section of the closure, Niantic unveiled that all Pokemon at present assigned to Gyms will be returned to Pokemon GO players.

The announcement was designed via Niantic’s assist site, while a Niantic personnel elaborated with a number of additional details about the Gymnasium closings. Reddit person NianticGeorge, who’s a verified Niantic representative, explained that Niantic isn’t nevertheless closing the Pokemon GO Gyms, but needed to give a heads up so players know it is coming. NianticGeorge explained:

“As we get all set to update Pokémon GO, we want to be certain that Trainers have a ample heads up that Gyms will shortly be disabled so that they can obtain their Defender bonus. We will deliver updates on our social channels in advance of Gyms closing in-video game.”

Regrettably, neither Niantic nor NianticGeorge delivered any details on what exactly the Gymnasium remodels will be, or how long it will consider to comprehensive. For the instant gamers are remaining with the awareness that, at some stage in the in the vicinity of foreseeable future, Niantic will be returning all Pokemon at present defending Gyms back again to their house owners and will then perform the rework.

This isn’t the initially time Niantic has designed variations to the way Gyms function in Pokemon GO. In point, soon immediately after the video game launched, Niantic up-to-date Gyms to enable players to bring a staff of 6 Pokemon into a welcoming Gymnasium relatively than just a person.

A number of months in the past, Niantic also up-to-date the fighting mechanics in Pokemon GO‘s Gyms, which served lessen the volume of attack spam some players had been able to do. These variations have concentrated on how gamers interact with the Gymnasium.

From the appears of this recent announcement from Niantic, the forthcoming update should really generally be beauty. Granted, to Niantic the phrase “remodel” could also involve mechanics variations, but at the instant a lot of gamers are speculating that the variations will be primarily visual in mother nature.

pokemon go update careful gym pokestop placement

It is vital that Niantic go on to update and polish Pokemon GO. Whilst the video game has undoubtedly found a large amount of accomplishment more than the last 12 months, that doesn’t suggest it will be king of the cellular augmented fact video game space without end. In point, a exclusive but potentially video game-variations competitor has already popped up. Garfield GO is hunting to develop on the product Pokemon GO designed well-known, and it will not be long before other online games try to do the exact.

Hopefully the forthcoming Gymnasium rework is speedy and pain-free and Pokemon GO players are able to when yet again take pleasure in the fullness of Pokemon GO’s choices.

Pokemon GO is at present available for Android and iOS devices.

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