Hi PokeBeach viewers! It has not been also prolonged considering that my very last short article, but male have factors changed. The Pokemon globe went from currently being dominated by Decidueye-GX and his pal Vileplume, to Garbodor currently being the king of the globe. Garbodor variants have been killing it at League Cups, and experienced an really good demonstrating in Seattle. I was not able to attend Seattle Regionals, but I did attend Madison! At Madison Regionals, Garbodor did get up a large percent of the field working day working day, but did not have approximately as dominating of a efficiency as it did in Seattle Regionals. Additionally, we noticed identical outcomes at the Mexico Regionals this past weekend, which I did not attend. Without even further ado, let’s hop in and get a look at what I have figured out.

Seattle Recap

  • Garbodor variants took up 71% of the Prime 32 in Seattle.
  • Garbodor variants took up 6 slots in the Prime eight of Seattle, with Vespiquen and WaterBox currently being the very last two slots.
  • Rainbow Electrical power and Workforce Magma’s Magic formula Base were being seen in quite a few diverse counts in Seattle. Some lists performed both equally, some lists performed two or three of a person of them. I personally think zero Rainbow Electrical power and two Workforce Magma’s Magic formula Base is the most effective way to go.
  • Teammates was seen in some Garbodor lists as a tech for the mirror, but the general consensus appears to be to be that it is somewhat unhelpful. Workforce Flare Grunt appears to be like the greater tech transferring forward.
  • The identical team had two gamers in Prime eight with approximately similar Garbodor lists, with Sam Chen successful the event. I think their record was the most effective for the mirror match at the time.

Madison Recap

  • Garbodor variants took up 22% of the Prime 32, which is even now somewhat substantial.
  • Garbodor variants took up one slot in the Prime eight, with 7 diverse decks currently being in Prime eight.
  • Two Vespiquen decks produced Prime eight, with the deck lists currently being 3 playing cards off of each other.
  • Five Vespiquen decks produced Prime 32, all of which were being a highest of 3 playing cards apart.
  • Rainbow Electrical power was in none of the Garbodor decks I noticed at the event, Workforce Magma’s Magic formula Base appears to be like the way to go.
  • Workforce Flare Grunt was seen in a good deal of Garbodor decks.
  • Tapu Bulu-GX produced pretty the look, currently being performed in Lurantis-GX / Tapu Bulu-GX decks and Vikavolt / Tapu Bulu-GX decks.
  • Tapu Bulu-GX was in 23% of the working day two decks, which would make it a bit more well known than Garbodor,

My Madison Regionals Experience

How My Rounds Went

23 match points, third seed going into working day two

31 match points, fourth seed going into Prime eight


The week primary up to the event, I was chatting about Vespiquen with my teammate Rahul Reddy who is really expert with the deck. We labored on a record alongside one another, but finished up currently being a couple playing cards off on the working day of the match. Anyhow, I predicted a good deal of Garbodor and Tapu Bulu-GX decks, which Vespiquen is pretty favored towards. In screening, I was carrying out pretty well towards people decks, and almost all other matchups I tested. I learned that Oricorio ordinarily wasn’t as good towards Vespiquen as people thought, as it ordinarily only brought the matchup to 50%. Not only was I successful online games, but I was almost under no circumstances drawing dead palms, which produced the final decision to enjoy Vespiquen tremendous straightforward for me. I am a big regularity freak, and the other decks definitely were being not slicing it for me in that regard.

Card Decisions

Vaporeon AOR

This produced all the distinction in the Volcanion matchup, as it completely swings the Prize-trade. Typically, Volcanion would be equipped to get in advance early due to the fact Vespiquen is not equipped to a person shot factors quick more than enough, but Vaporeon enables newborn Volcanion to start out dying on transform two. Outside of Volcanion, this card did not have significantly use.


This card is pretty solid in matchups where you are investing a person Prize attackers again and forth, so I applied it frequently towards Garbodor and the mirror match. In other matchups, I would often use it to discover critical playing cards like Decision Band, Revitalizer, Forest of Giant Crops, or Double Colorless Electrical power. A further practical moment for this card was when I would have a definitely modest deck, which intended Professor Sycamore would deck me. Teammates would allow me to discover the playing cards I necessary for a KO that transform, and Professor Sycamore would be still left in hand to discover the acquire up coming transform.

Likely Inclusions

Flareon AOR

Probably my largest regret in Pokemon heritage. This card one hundred% should have been in my deck, but I obtained greedy which includes the 3rd Klefki in excess of this. The Klefki authorized me to skinny my hand and deck less difficult, and comboed well with Unown. Klefki also served the obvious goal of aiding defeat Mega Pokemon. Having said that, Flareon would make the Metagross-GX matchup drastically less difficult, which would have been pretty practical for my match run. I would undoubtedly incorporate this card in excess of the 3rd Klefki if I were being to enjoy this deck yet again.

Mexico Recap

  • Garbodor variants took up 19% of the Prime 32, which is the most affordable p.c of all 3 Regionals.
  • Garbodor variants yet yet again took up a person slot in Prime eight, with 7 decks currently being in Prime eight.
  • Yet yet again, two Vespiquen decks produced Prime eight.
  • Oricorio and Karen were being reportedly pretty well known, which absolutely produced it more difficult for Vespiquen decks to thrive.
  • Decidueye-GX / Vileplume produced pretty the comeback this weekend, with five of them earning Prime 32 and a person of them earning Prime eight.

League Cup #1 — 6/eleven



In my community meta, a good deal of Alolan Ninetales-GX decks can normally be located, so I desired to make absolutely sure I experienced a good matchup towards that. While I think Vespiquen is pretty solid towards Ninetales-GX as well, I predicted pretty a bit of Vespiquen counters to pop up. The working day of the match, I absolutely thought I produced the correct contact. A number of people chose to incorporate Karen in their decks, whilst Oricorio was in really significantly everyone’s deck. In addition to this, two Decidueye decks produced an look, which is really significantly unwinnable for Vespiquen. Zoroark was a great contact for the working day, as a greater part of decks that were being there were being unprepared for it. Ninetales, Vespiquen, Garbodor, and Volcanion were being the 4 major decks of the working day.

I went three-02 in swiss, but experienced some regrettable luck in Prime eight and missing to Vespiquen. I never regret my preference at all, and I am pretty confident that this deck should be on everyone’s radar. In case anyone was wondering, this is Daniel Altavilla’s exact record that he gained Mexico with, and Prime 4’d Madison with. While he didn’t make the deck both, I definitely believe he did a great job building the suitable deck record. Soon after enjoying with the deck, the only playing cards I have been questioning were being the Tapu Koko Promo and the 2nd Rescue Stretcher. I normally located myself having difficulties to discover Electrical power, so I could finish up incorporating a Super Rod in favor of the 2nd Rescue Stretcher transferring forward.

Card Decisions


This card served a person goal, to drastically boost my Vespiquen matchup. It did its job in swiss, as I took down a Vespiquen in spherical 3. Having said that, in Prime eight, I missing to a Vespiquen due to the fact I kept whiffing Electrical power for sport. The Oricorio performed a big purpose in my Prime eight online games as well, and secured the acquire as prolonged as I really drew into an Electrical power card on the ultimate transform of both sport. I would absolutely say this card should not be automatically incorporated in your record although, as it is somewhat ineffective towards anything not Vespiquen. If you expect to enjoy towards Vespiquen, put it in, it is as simple as that.

Hex Maniac

Hex Maniac definitely suits well in this deck, as it does not definitely will need to go digging for things at the time it sets up. In addition to this, the card is pretty solid towards a number of decks that are attaining in recognition this kind of as Decidueye-GX / Vileplume, Volcanion, and Metagross-GX.

Likely Inclusions

A Seventh Dark Electrical power

As I described prior to, I normally located myself missing Electrical power attachments afterwards in the sport. At the recent moment, I have eradicated the Tapu Koko Promo for this seventh Dark Electrical power. It could not be a long-lasting transform, but I am seeking it out to see how I like it.

Super Rod

In addition to the seventh Dark Electrical power solution, I think a Super Rod could absolutely help to fix the dilemma I have been dealing with. I never believe both equally a Super Rod and a seventh Dark Electrical power is essential although, so this will likely be a a person or the other problem. I would clear away a Rescue Stretcher for this card, which would give me a free of charge slot if I chose to clear away the Tapu Koko Promo.

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